University Organization

Office of the President staff

Phone (805) 756-6000
Fax (805) 756-1129

Directory Listing
Office of the President staff
Jessica Darin
Associate Vice President &
Chief of Staff
805-756-6000 01-407
Kelly Sebastian
Director of Administrative Operations
805-756-6005 01-412
Diane Haupt
Executive Assistant to the President
805-756-6004 01-407
Barbara Rische
Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff
805-756-6001 01-407
Dana Matteson
Assistant for Presidential Events & Programs
805-756-6008 01-401
Kymberly Fazzio
Administrative Assistant for Communications & Records
805-756-6000 01-401


Directory Listing
University Legal Counsel staff
Dawn S. Theodora
University Counsel
805-756-5529 01-411
Nancy Monroe
Executive Assistant
805-756-5529 01-411


Office of Student Ombuds Services

Directory Listing
Office of Student Ombuds Services
Patricia Ponce
805-756-1380 35-113


Office of University Communications

Directory Listing
Office of University Communications
Chris Murphy
Chief Communications Officer
805-756-5692 01-414
Matt Lazier
Media Relations Director
805-756-7109 117-113
Jay Thompson
Communications Specialist
805-756-5186 117-112
Cynthia Lambert
Communications Specialist
805-756-5160 117-108
Jessica Dieny
Social Media Admin Analyst
805-756-6028 117-116
JoAnn Lloyd
Communications Specialist
805-756-5160 117-108
Tim Black
Director of Presidential Communications
805-756-6016 01-413A
Justin Wellner
Director of Government Relations
805-756-7003 01-415
Courtney Kienow
Director of Community Relations
805-756-6027 01-401
Lindsey Haring
Assistant to University Relations
805-756-6021 01-413

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University Plans

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University Standing Committees

University standing committees are reviewed and update regularly according to their committee charter
Art Acquisition Council AAC Function (pdf) AAC Members (pdf)
Administrative Advisory Committee on Technology AACT Function (pdf) AACT Members (pdf)
Advisory Committee on Workplace Violence Prevention WVPP Function (pdf) WVPP Members (pdf)
Athletics Advisory Board AAB Function (pdf) AAB Members (pdf)
Campus Dining Advisory Committee CDAC Function (pdf) CDAC Members (pdf)
Campus Fee Advisory Committee CFAC Function (pdf) CFAC Members (pdf)
Campus Landscape Committee CLC Function (pdf) CLC Members (pdf)
Campus Planning Committee CPC Function (pdf) CPC Members (pdf)
Campus Safety and Risk Management Committee CSRMC Function (pdf) CSRMC Members (pdf)
Commencement Operations Committee COC Function (pdf) COC Members (pdf)
Commencement Policy Committee CoPC Function (pdf) CoPC Members (pdf)
Coordinating Committee on AIDS and HIV Infection CCAHI Function (pdf) [Inactive]
Disability Access and Compliance Committee DACC Function (pdf) DACC Members (pdf)
Faculty Committee on Technology FACT Function (pdf) FACT Members (pdf)
Graduate Studies Committee GSC Function (pdf) GSC Members (pdf)
Health Services Oversight Committee HSOC Function (pdf) HSOC Members (pdf)
Inclusive Excellence Council IEC Function (pdf) IEC Members (pdf)
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee IAUC Function (pdf) IAUC Members (pdf)
Instructionally Related Activities Advisory Committee IRACC Function (pdf) IRACC Members (pdf)
Intellectual Property Review Committee IPRC Function (pdf) IPRC Members (pdf)
Liberal Studies Committee LSC Function (pdf) LSC Members (pdf)
Radiation Safety Committee RSC Function (pdf) RSC Members (pdf)
Registration and Scheduling Committee RaSC Function (pdf) RaSC Members (pdf)
Status of Women Committee SWC Function (pdf) SWC Members (pdf)
Student Campus Computing Committee SCCC Function (pdf) SCCC Members (pdf)
Student Success Fee Allocation Advisory Committee SSFAAC Function (pdf) SSFAAC Members (pdf)
Substance Use and Abuse Advisory Committee SUAAC Function (pdf) SUAAC Members (pdf)
Student Orientation Advising and Resources Committee SOARC Function (pdf) [Inactive]
Sustainability Advisory Committee SAC Function (pdf) SAC Members (pdf)
University Committee on Committees UCC Function (pdf) UCC Members (pdf)
University Planning and Budget Advisory Committee UPBAC Function (pdf) [Inactive]
University Technology Governance Committee UTGC Function (pdf) UTGC Members (pdf)

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AdHoc Committees

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