President’s Campus Advisory Council (CAC)


In order to be more transparent and enhance shared governance and our shared mission, President Armstrong and the leadership team, in consultation with the Academic Senate, ASI, CFA and the Labor Council, are forming an Advisory Council for Planning, Process and Budgeting. The Council will be asked to give their informed advice, make suggestions, and highlight issues and concerns the President and Vice Presidents will take into consideration before making decisions on major principles, policies, issues and initiatives. Individual members of the Council may also bring topics to the group.

Council Appointments

Each academic year the Advisory Council to the President for Planning, Process and Budgeting will be appointed by the President. Most appointees serve for two years, with some 1-year terms in the beginning to stagger terms. Those serving as a result of their position (ASI President, Senate Chair, etc.) serve one-year terms. A subset of the Council will be appointed by the President to serve on an Executive Committee.

Proposed members include four representatives each for faculty (including lecturers), staff and students, as follows:

  • ASI President (Executive Committee)
  • ASI Chair of Board of Directors
  • Two additional students nominated by the ASI President and appointed by the President
  • Academic Senate Chair (Executive Committee)
  • CFA President
  • Two additional faculty members nominated by the Academic Senate Executive Committee and appointed by the President
  • Labor Council Representative
  • Three additional staff members nominated by the Dean's Council and divisional vice presidents, and appointed by the President in consultation with the Labor Council Representative and Academic Senate Chair.

Senior members of the administration will attend Council meetings on a regular basis. With Executive Committee approval, other faculty, staff and students may be invited to participate in specific council meetings based on the topic.


It is anticipated that the Advisory Council will meet two or three times per quarter and additionally as needed. The Executive Committee will be convened as necessary.

Roster for AY 2020-21


Thomas Gutierrez, Chair of the Academic Senate 
Lewis Call, CFA Representative 
Jerusha Greenwood
David Maber 


Shayna Lynch, ASI President 
Tess Loarie, Chair, ASI Board of Directors 
Alan Faz
Elizabeth Roseman 


Jeff Nadal, Labor Representative
David A. Evans
Jamie Lynn StCyr
Judy Holloway

Jeffrey Armstrong, President

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