The President's Council of Advisors: Mission

The Cal Poly President's Council of Advisors was established in 1980 to enhance the relationship between the University and its constituent communities, including business, industry, agriculture, the professions and the arts. The President's Council of Advisors is a group of individuals who represent leaders of professions, business, industry and communities. The Council convenes regularly to provide advice, advocacy, access, leverage and resources for the University. The Council is aware that its stakeholders include not only the University, its Board of Trustees, the President, Faculty, Staff and Students, but the citizens of California as represented by their state government, business, industry and other institutions of the state, nation and other nations. The Council is constituted to aid the University as it works to achieve its mission and goals.

Council of Advisor Members

  • Mr. William J. Allison
    Chief Executive Officer
    Southcoast Engineering
  • Ms. Beth F. Anderson
    Vice President Supply Chain Rate Capability
    The Boeing Company
  • Mr. Simon Arkell
    Chief Executive Officer
    Southcoast Engineering
  • Mr. Douglas H. Austin, FAIA, MAIBC, LEED AP
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    AVRP Studios
  • Mr. Richard A. Bergquist
    Locus Technologies
  • Mr. Russell J. Bik
    Private Investor
  • Mr. Gary L. Bloom
    President & CEO
    MarkLogic Corporation
  • Mr. William L. Chillingworth
    Chief Executive Officer 
    Dash Brands, Ltd.
  • Mr. Fred Collins
    Tribal Administrator
    Northern Chumash Tribal Council
  • Ms. Mary R. Crebassa
    Vice President, Content Services
    DTS, Inc.
  • Ing. Guillermo Fernández
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    FUMEC--The United States-Mexico Foundation for Science
  • Ms. Margaret Fortune
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Rex and Margaret Fortune School of Education
  • Mr. Todd W. Gebhart
    McAfee Inc.
  • Dr. Susan Hackwood
    Executive Director
    California Council on Science and Technology
  • Mr. Edward D. Halpin
    Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer, Nuclear Generation
    Pacific Gas and Electric Company


  • Mr. Blake Irving
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Arthur Gen Kawamura
    Founding Member
    Orange County Produce, LLC
  • Mr. King R. Lee III
    Chief Executive Officer
    Good Technology
  • Mr. Paul V. McEnroe
    Rancho La Purisima
  • Ms. Michela O'Connor Abrams
  • Ms. Jean-Mari Peltier
    National Grape and Wine Initiative
  • James H. Roberts
    President and CEO
    Granite Construction Inc.
  • Mr. Robin L. Rossi
    Rossi Enterprises
  • Mr. Charles Smith
    Professor, School of Law
    North Carolina Central University
  • Mr. George H. Soares
    Managing Partner
    Kahn, Soares & Conway, LLP
  • Mr. Mitchell Suarez
    Senior Technical Project Manager
    Warner Bros. Advanced Digital Services
  • Mr. Chris Trapani
    Sereno Group Real Estate
  • Mr. Ernesto M. Vasquez, A.I.A. & NCARB
    Partner & CEO
    SVA Architects, Inc.
  • Mr. Doug Young
    Vice President, Space Systems Resilience
    Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Mr. Peter Zierhut
    Vice President, Haas Technical Education Center
    Network and Government Relations
    Haas Automation, Inc.


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