Vision 2022: The Future of Cal Poly

Vision 2022 is about continuous improvement at Cal Poly. The four guiding principles say who we are and guide us as we move forward. In a Learn by Doing environment, we continuously innovate to maximize the success of our students. As a comprehensive polytechnic university, we give our students the tools and confidence they need to think independently, critically, and ethically about the world's problems, regardless of their major.

Adopted in May 2014, Vision 2022 sets a framework forĀ two major planning initiatives: the Academic Plan and the Campus Master Plan.

Foundation and Guiding Principles

  • Learn By Doing
  • Student Success
  • Excellence Through Continuous Improvement
  • Comprehensive Polytechnic University

Cal Poly in 2022

The vision below represents what Cal Poly should look like in 2022. Our pursuit of this aspirational view of Cal Poly will be governed by our guiding principles and our ability to maintain excellence as our standard.

  • Our campus will be a unique, vibrant residential community that links academic and social life, and we will be nationally and internationally recognized as the premier comprehensive polytechnic university that focuses on Learn by Doing and student success
  • Our curriculum and student/campus life will be innovative, constantly improving and will continue to attract the brightest faculty, staff and students
  • Students will leave Cal Poly empowered with the holistic, interdisciplinary experience that prepares them for success in a global economy and instills in them a culture of philanthropy
  • We will have an enriching, inclusive environment where every student, faculty and staff member is valued
  • Recruitment and retention of faculty and staff will be driven by professional development opportunities and competitive salaries/benefits
  • Faculty and students from across campus will collaborate and be engaged in innovative research and partnerships with industry
  • A $500 million campaign will be completed and significantly exceeded
  • The Cal Poly brand will be enhanced through a deliberate campaign that is fueled by excellence in academics and athletics STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES
  • Create a vibrant residential campus that connects academic and social lives and serves as a core of the Cal Poly experience
  • Enhance student success
  • Increase support for teacher-scholar model
  • Create a rich culture of diversity and inclusivity that supports and celebrates the similarities and differences of every individual on campus
  • Secure the financial future of the university
  • Develop a greater culture of transparency, collaboration and accountability with students, faculty, staff, alumni, supporters and our community

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